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It is not worth interfering in relations between children, except for situations where the child seeks help, reminds Maria Zelenova, a clinical and crisis psychologist. Two stories will tell parents how to help a child who quarreled with a friend.

The main rule for parents – children


deal with children, and adults with adults. But if a son or daughter shares with you his pain, resentment, take the situation with attention. In any conflict, help your child pronounce his emotions, accept them, separate from the emotions of other people, teach to accept the characteristics of others. Let’s see how to do this, on the example of real situations.

The tale of the princess and the maid

Vika, 6 years: “I have a girlfriend in my kindergarten, her name is Oksana. We play with her, she’s funny. But Oksana loves to command, and therefore we will often quarrel. How we start a game-she immediately decides: “I will be a princess, and you are my maid”, “I will be a TV star, and you will be a spectator”. I don’t like it, but I’m afraid to abandon her rules, because then Oksana will choose someone else, and I will be left alone “.

“Real friends learn to hear each other and sometimes give in”

Psychologist Maria Zelenova

Each person, large and small, is somewhat different from you-someone has blue eyes, and you have brown, or vice versa, the hair is lighter or darker, straight or curly, someone is higher, someone bolder, who-then loves to play football, and someone read. All people are different, and everyone has different characters.

There are children who at first are a little shy, while others are ready to play with everyone right away. Someone is often sad, and someone laughs without stopping. It can be difficult to be friends with those who differ, because it is completely incomprehensible why he behaves differently than you. Sometimes it even seems that they deliberately offend you, because harmful and evil. But in fact, you are simply different and everyone needs to learn to understand the other.

And it happens that you are very similar to someone-and you love the same ice cream, and you are interested in the same games. And, it would seem, here it is – happiness and complete understanding. But here there may be difficulty: you do not always want to share, or it does not always work out to agree. You like Oksana because she is funny, groovy and she always has many ideas for games. But sometimes she is so actively entering the role of the main thing that she does not notice if you don’t like something. Or notices, but is not inferior, because I am sure that he knows exactly how everyone will have fun.

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